Dodge Journey Owners Manual

Dodge Journey Owners Manual

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Intermediate shaft, diesel
REMOVAL 2.0L DIESEL 1. Remove the right half shaft. Fig. 50: 2.0L Diesel Right Half Shaft Components 2. Remove the two intermediate shaft bolts (1). 3. Remove the intermediate shaft (2). ...

Standard Procedure
MASTER CYLINDER BLEEDING 1. Clamp the master cylinder in a vise with soft-jaw caps. Fig. 88: BLEEDING MASTER CYLINDER WITH ABS 2. Thread a Bleeder Tube (2), Special Tool 8358-1, into the primary ...

Fig. 25: Outer C/V Joint Seal Boot Clamps - SMALL CLAMP - SEALING BOOT - OUTER CV JOINT HOUSING - LARGE CLAMP - INTERCONNECTING SHAFT 1. Remove halfshaft assembly requiring boot repla ...