Rear Window Wiper/Washer

The rear window wiper/washer control is located on the right side of the steering column.

Rear Window Wiper/Washer Control
Rear Window Wiper/Washer Control

“On” position willRotate the switch upward to the
“On” position will
activate the rear wiper.

“washer” positionRotate the switch upward to the
“washer” position
will activate that rear washer. The washer pump will continue to operate as long as the lever or ring is engaged. Upon release, the wipers will cycle three times before returning to the set position.

If the rear wiper is operating when the ignition is turned to the LOCK position, the wiper will automatically return to the “Park” position. When the vehicle is restarted, the wiper will resume function at whichever position the switch is set at.

• Turn the rear wiper off when driving through an automatic car wash. Damage to the rear wiper may result if the rear wiper switch is left in the on position.

• In cold weather, always turn off the rear wiper switch and allow the rear wiper to return to the park position before turning off the engine. If the rear wiper switch is left on and the rear wiper freezes to the window, damage to the rear wiper motor may occur when the vehicle is restarted.

• Always remove any buildup of snow that prevents the rear wiper blade from returning to the park position. If the rear wiper control is turned off and the blade cannot return to the park position, damage to the rear wiper motor may occur.

Rear Window Defroster

is located on theThe rear window defroster button
is located on the
climate control panel. Press this button to turn on the rear window defroster and the heated outside mirrors (if equipped). An indicator in the button will illuminate when the rear window defroster is on. The rear window defroster automatically turns off after approximately 10 minutes.

NOTE: To prevent excessive battery drain, use the rear window defroster only when the engine is operating.

Failure to follow these cautions can cause damage to the heating elements:
• Use care when washing the inside of the rear window. Do not use abrasive window cleaners on the interior surface of the window. Use a soft cloth and a mild washing solution, wiping parallel to the heating elements. Labels can be peeled off after soaking with warm water.

• Do not use scrapers, sharp instruments, or abrasive window cleaners on the interior surface of the window.

• Keep all objects a safe distance from the window.

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