Dodge Journey Owners Manual

Dodge Journey Owners Manual

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FIXED DISPLACEMENT A/C COMPRESSOR Fig. 200: Denso 10SR17 Compressor NOTE: Denso 10SR17 shown. Denso 10SR15 similar. 2.7L and 3.5L 5-Passenger models are equipped with the Denso 10SR15 A/C ...

2.0L TURBO DIESEL Fig. 19: Generator Bushing 1. If reinstalling the old generator, install a generator mounting bolt and tap bushing out slightly to ease mounting of generator. Fig. 20: Remo ...

Pulley, idler
Removal 2.4L ENGINE Fig. 30: ACCESSORY DRIVE BELT IDLER PULLEY - 2.4L - UPPER PULLEY - LOWER PULLEY 1. Remove accessory drive belt. 2. Remove upper idler pulley (1) and bolt. 3. Re ...