The overhead console contains courtesy/reading lights, storage for sunglasses, an interior observation mirror and an optional power sunroof switch.

Overhead Console
Overhead Console

Courtesy/Reading Lights

Refer to “Lights/Courtesy/Reading Lights” in “Understanding the Features of Your Vehicle” for further information.

Sunglasses Storage

To access the storage compartment, press on the raised bars on the compartment door in the center of the console and release and the door will swing downward.

Interior Observation Mirror

The convex interior observation mirror provides the driver and front seat passenger a wide field of view to conveniently view passengers sitting in the rear passenger seats. To use the interior observation mirror, press on the raised bars on the compartment door and release (the door will swing downward), then raise the door until it is almost closed and release. The door will latch in position to use the interior observation mirror.

Power Sunroof Switch — If Equipped

Refer to “Power Sunroof” in “Understanding the Features of Your Vehicle” for further information.

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