Dodge Journey: CUPHOLDERS

There are two cupholders, located in the center floor console, for the front passengers.

Center Console Cupholders
Center Console Cupholders

For passengers in the second row there are two cupholders, located in the center armrest between the two seats.

Armrest Cupholders
Armrest Cupholders

For vehicles equipped with third row seating, there are additional cupholders located in the trim panels.

Quarter Trim Panel Cupholders (Seven Passenger
Quarter Trim Panel Cupholders (Seven Passenger Models)

In addition to cupholders, vehicles may also be equipped with bottle holders. The bottle holders are located on the door trim panels.

Door Bottle Holder
Door Bottle Holder

If containers of hot liquid are placed in the bottle holder, they can spill when the door is closed, burning the occupants. Be careful when closing the doors to avoid injury.

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