Your authorized dealer has the qualified service personnel, special tools, and equipment to perform all service operations in an expert manner. Service Manuals are available which include detailed service information for your vehicle. Refer to these Service Manuals before attempting any procedure yourself.

NOTE: Intentional tampering with emissions control systems may void your warranty and could result in civil penalties being assessed against you.

You can be badly injured working on or around a motor vehicle. Only do service work for which you have the knowledge and the proper equipment. If you have any doubt about your ability to perform a service job, take your vehicle to a competent mechanic.

    Use of genuine MOPAR parts for normal/scheduled maintenance and repairs is highly recommended to ensure the designed performance. Damage or failures caused by the use of non-MOPAR parts for mainten ...

    The pages that follow contain the required maintenance services determined by the engineers who designed your vehicle. Besides those maintenance items specified in the fixed maintenance schedule, ...

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    NOTE: The antenna cables are integrated into the body wiring harnesses. New antenna cables is overlaid on the body wiring harness. SATELLITE AUDIO ONLY 1. Disconnect and isolate the batter ...

    The instrument cluster contains the necessary hardware and software to serve as the vehicle's electronic body control module and is commonly referred to as the Cab Compartment Node (CCN). The fol ...

    2.4L Fig. 3: Capacitor 2.4L - Bolt - Capacitor - Connector 1. Disconnect and isolate negative battery cable at battery. 2. Remove engine cover. 3. Remove electrical connector (3). ...