The optional Video Entertainment System (VES)™ includes the following components for rear seat entertainment: • A diagonal 8 in (20 cm) Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) screen integrated into the center overhead console.

The screen features brightness control for optimum daytime and nighttime viewing.

• The LCD Screen swings down from the console to allow the rear seat passenger(s) to view the display.

VES™ with Rear HVAC Controls
VES™ with Rear HVAC Controls

• The touch screen radio and DVD player controls allow front seat operation for easy setup in the case of younger rear seat passengers.

• A battery-powered infrared remote control that snaps into a molded compartment in the center console.

• Two wireless infrared headsets allow rear seat passengers to listen to the same or individual audio sources.

Jacks)Audio/Video RCA Jacks (AUX
on the rear of the center console enable the monitor to display video directly from a video camera, connect video games for display on the screen, or play music directly from an MP3 player.

1. Video in (yellow).

2. Left audio in (white).

3. Right audio in (red).

NOTE: Refer to your “Video Entertainment System (VES)™ User Manual” for detailed operating instructions.

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