Dodge Journey: Diagnosis and testing


Automatic Transmission 41TE
Fig. 421: Identifying Ignition Key/Switch Positions

  1. - LOCK

  2. - ACC

  3. - ON

  4. - START

The Shifter Response Table describes the normal operation of the Brake Transmission Shift Interlock (BTSI) system. If the "expected response" differs from the vehicle's response, then system repair is necessary.

Refer to SHIFTER RESPONSE for expected shifter response, depending on ignition key/switch and brake pedal positions.

If the shifter cannot be moved out of the PARK position, refer to SHIFTER LOCKED IN PLACE. If the shift lever can be shifted out of PARK without the brake pedal depressed, the BTSI solenoid is faulty and the shifter must be replaced. If the shift lever still does not move from the park position, the problem is in the shift lever assembly.


1. Gain access to the brake transmission shift interlock (BTSI) solenoid. The solenoid is part of the shifter assembly.

2. Disconnect the wire connector from the rear of the BTSI solenoid.

3. Insert the ignition key and turn it to the ON position.

4. With the brakes applied, try moving the shifter out of the PARK position.

If the above test passes and the shifter can still be moved freely in and out of PARK without the brake pedal depressed, replace shifter assembly.




1. Turn key to the "ACC" position and depress brake pedal. 1. Shifter CAN be shifted out of park.
2. Turn key to the "ON" position, with foot off of brake pedal. 2. Shifter CANNOT be shifted out of park.
3. Turn key to the "ON" position and depress the brake pedal. 3. Shifter CAN be shifted out of park.
4. Leave shifter in any gear and try to return key to the "LOCK" position. 4. Key cannot be returned to the "LOCK" position.
5. Return shifter to "PARK" and try to remove the key. 5. Key can be removed (after returning to "LOCK" position).
6. With the key removed, try to shift out of "PARK". 6. Shifter cannot be shifted out of "PARK".
Insert the key into the ignition cylinder and leave it at "LOCK." Try to move the transmission out of "Park". Shifter cannot be shifted out of "PARK".
NOTE: Any failure to meet these expected responses requires system repair.
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