Dodge Journey: Removal

Automatic Transmission 41TE
Fig. 393: Removing/Installing Defroster Cover

1. Disconnect the negative battery cable.

2. Using a trim stick remove the defroster cover (1).

Automatic Transmission 41TE
Fig. 394: Removing/Installing Screws At Center Stack Cover

3. Remove the screws (1) at the center stack cover (2).

Automatic Transmission 41TE
Fig. 395: Removing/Installing Center Stack Cover

4. Remove the center stack cover (1).

Automatic Transmission 41TE
Fig. 396: Pulling Center Stack Back

5. Pull center stack (1) back.

Automatic Transmission 41TE
Fig. 397: Removing/Installing Ignition Switch Bezel

6. Remove the ignition switch bezel (1) from I/P cover (2).

Automatic Transmission 41TE
Fig. 398: Identifying Knee Blocker

7. Remove the knee blocker (2).

Automatic Transmission 41TE
Fig. 399: Removing/Installing I/P Cover

8. Remove the I/P cover (3) (if equipped).

Automatic Transmission 41TE
Fig. 400: Identifying Electrical Connectors At WIN & Shifter

9. Remove the cluster bezel.

10. Remove the shift knob.

11. Unplug the electrical connectors (3, 4) at the WIN (1) and the shifter (2).

Automatic Transmission 41TE
Fig. 401: Removing/Installing Screws At Win

12. Remove the screws (1) at the WIN (2).

13. Remove the WIN to gain access to the lower shifter bolts.

Automatic Transmission 41TE
Fig. 402: Identifying Shift Cable At Shifter

NOTE: Ensure the lock tab at the shifter housing (2) is depressed before pulling the cable from the shifter housing.

14. Remove the shift cable (1, 2) at the shifter.

Automatic Transmission 41TE
Fig. 403: Identifying Shifter Mounting Bolts

15. Remove the shifter mounting bolts 1 thru 4.

16. Remove the shifter.

    Fig. 404: Identifying Shifter Mounting Bolts 1. Install the shifter mounting bolts and tighten to 20 N.m (15 ft. lbs.) in the proper sequence as indicated on drawing. Fig. 405: Identifying Sh ...

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