Dodge Journey: Description, Operation


CAUTION: Grid lines can be damaged or scraped off with sharp instruments. Care should be taken in cleaning glass or removing foreign materials, decals or stickers. Normal glass cleaning solvents or hot water used with rags or toweling is recommended.

Heated Glass
Fig. 1: EBL System

The rear window defogger system, also known as electric backlight (EBL), consists of two vertical bus bars (1) and a series of grid lines (2) fired onto the inside surface of the rear window (3).

The EBL system is turned on or off by a push-button switch located in the A/C-heater control.


Heated Glass
Fig. 2: EBL Switch (MTC)

NOTE: Manual tri-zone temperature A/C-heater control shown in illustration. Other A/Cheater controls similar.

The electric backlight (EBL) system is controlled by a momentary push-button switch (1) located on the A/Cheater control (2) in center of the instrument panel. When the rear window defogger switch is pressed to ON with the ignition switch in RUN, the switch sends a request signal on the CAN-B Bus to the totally integrated power module (TIPM) to energize the internal EBL high side driver. When energized, the EBL high side driver provides battery current to the rear window defogger grid lines and the heated side view mirrors (when equipped). The grid lines heat the glass to help clear the rear window and side mirror surfaces of fog or frost.

An amber indicator (3) will illuminate to indicate when the EBL system is turned on.

NOTE: The EBL system turns off automatically after 10 minutes of initial operation.

Each following activation cycle of the EBL system will last 5 minutes.

The EBL system will automatically turn off after an initial programmed time interval of about 10 minutes as long as the ignition switch is in RUN. After the initial time interval has expired, if the rear window defogger switch is pressed to ON again during the same ignition cycle, the EBL system will automatically turn off after about 5 minutes. The EBL system will also turn off if the ignition switch is turned to any position other than RUN or by manually pressing the rear window defogger switch a second time.

Repair of the rear window defogger grid lines, bus bars, terminals or pigtail wires can be accomplished using the Mopar Rear Window Defogger Repair Kit (Part Number 04549275) or equivalent. The EBL control system is diagnosed using a scan tool.

    Diagnosis and Testing
    ELECTRIC BACKLIGHT (EBL) SYSTEM NOTE: Illumination of the defogger switch indicator lamp does not necessarily mean that electrical current is reaching the rear window glass and/or the outside ...

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