Dodge Journey: Fascia, rear


Frame and Bumpers
Fig. 15: Push Pins

1. Open the hatch.

2. Remove the 6 pushpins (1) securing the fascia (2).

Frame and Bumpers
Fig. 16: Rivets

3. Remove the rivets (2) and the Torx screw (3) around the wheel well for the fascia (1).

Frame and Bumpers
Fig. 17: Tabs, Fascia & Bracket

4. Separate the tabs (2) securing the fascia (3) to the bracket (1).

Frame and Bumpers
Fig. 18: Tail Light Push Pin

5. Remove the push pin (2) under the taillight (1) to the fascia (3).

6. Remove fascia (3) from vehicle.


Frame and Bumpers
Fig. 19: Tail Light Push Pin

1. Install the fascia (3) to the vehicle and install the pushpin (2) at the tailight (1) to the body.

Frame and Bumpers
Fig. 20: Tabs, Fascia & Bracket

2. Clip the fascia (3) into the tabs (2) to the bracket (1).

Frame and Bumpers
Fig. 21: Rivets

3. Install the Torx screw (3) for the fascia top the wheel opening and then install the pop rivets (2).

Frame and Bumpers
Fig. 22: Push Pins

4. Install the 6 push pins (1) to secure the fascia (2) to the body.

5. Close the hatch and check for fit.

    Fascia, front lower, closeout
    REMOVAL Fig. 11: Lower Fascia 1. Remove fasteners (5) to lower closeout. Fig. 12: Push Pins - Front Lower Fascia 2. Remove push pins (1) to lower closeout. 3. Remove the front lower fascia. ...

    Reinforcement, bumper, front
    REMOVAL Fig. 23: Front Bumper Reinforcement 1. Remove the front fascia. See Removal . 2. Support bumper reinforcement (3) on a suitable lifting device. 3. Mark the position of the bolts (1) ...

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