Dodge Journey: Adjustments


The right and left support assemblies are slotted to allow for right/left drive train adjustment in relation to drive shaft assembly length.

Check and reposition right and left engine support assemblies as required. Adjust drive train position, if required, for the following conditions:

  • Drive shaft distress:
  • Any front end structural damage (after repair).
  • Support Assembly replacement.


1. Remove the load on the engine motor mounts by carefully supporting the engine and transmission assembly with a floor jack.

2. Loosen the right engine support assembly vertical fasteners.

3. Loosen the left engine support assembly vertical bolts.

4. Pry the engine right or left as required to achieve the proper drive shaft assembly length.

5. Tighten right engine support assembly vertical bolts to 61 N.m (45 ft. lbs.). and tighten left engine support assembly bolts to 61 N.m (45 ft. lbs.).

6. Recheck drive shaft length.

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