Dodge Journey: Cover, structural dust


2.7L DOHC Engine
Fig. 172: Belly Pan

1. Raise and secure the vehicle on a hoist.

2. Remove the belly pan (2), if equipped.

2.7L DOHC Engine
Fig. 173: Front Engine Mount Through Bolt

3. Remove the fore/aft crossmember (4).

2.7L DOHC Engine
Fig. 174: Structural Collar

4. Remove three bolts (2) attaching the structural collar (3) to the oil pan.

5. Remove four bolts (1) and the structural collar (3) from the transmission.


2.7L DOHC Engine
Fig. 175: Structural Collar

CAUTION: The collar must be tightened using this service procedure, as damage to transaxle case and/or oil pan may occur.

1. Position the structural collar (3) on the engine and transaxle.

2. Finger tighten all bolts (1) and (2).

NOTE: Make sure that structural collar (3) is flush with the oil pan and the transmission bell housing.

3. Install the vertical collar bolts (2) to the oil pan, pre-torque bolts to 1.1 N.m (10 in. lbs.).

4. Install the horizontal collar bolts (1) to the transmission and tighten to 55 N.m (40 ft. lbs.).

5. Starting with the center vertical bolts and working outward, final torque all bolts to 55 N.m (40 ft. lbs.).

2.7L DOHC Engine
Fig. 176: Front Engine Mount Through Bolt

6. Install the fore/aft crossmember (4).

2.7L DOHC Engine
Fig. 177: Belly Pan

7. Install the belly pan (2), if equipped.

8. Lower the vehicle.

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