Dodge Journey: Horn


Horn System
Fig. 1: Removing / Installing Horns

1. Disconnect and isolate the negative battery cable.

2. Remove the push pin type retainers along the top of the grille assembly and position the grille aside.

3. Disconnect the wire harness connectors (3) from the horns (2).

4. Remove mounting bolt (1) securing the horn bracket and remove horns.


Horn System
Fig. 2: Removing / Installing Horns

1. Install the horn assemblies (2).

2. Install the horn mounting bolt (1).

3. Connect the wire harness connector (3).

4. Position the grille and install the retainers.

5. Connect the negative battery cable.

    Description, Operation, Diagnosis and Testing
    DESCRIPTION The dual-note horn system features two electromagnetic horn units. The horn system includes the following major components: Horn - The two horns are located at the front center of ...

    Switch, horn
    REMOVAL WARNING: On vehicles equipped with an airbag, refer to Restraint SERVICE INFORMATION article for warnings and cautions before servicing the horn switch. Fig. 3: Remov ...

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