Dodge Journey: Refrigerant


The refrigerant used in this air conditioning system is a HydroFluoroCarbon (HFC), type R-134a. Unlike R-12, which is a ChloroFluoroCarbon (CFC), R-134a refrigerant does not contain ozone-depleting chlorine. R-134a refrigerant is a non-toxic, non-flammable, clear, and colorless liquefied gas.

Even though R-134a does not contain chlorine, it must be reclaimed and recycled just like CFC-type refrigerants. This is because R-134a is a greenhouse gas and can contribute to global warming.


R-134a refrigerant is not compatible with R-12 refrigerant in an A/C system. Even a small amount of R-12 refrigerant added to an R-134a refrigerant system will cause A/C compressor failure, refrigerant oil sludge or poor A/C system performance. In addition, the polyalkylene glycol (PAG) synthetic refrigerant oils used in an R-134a refrigerant system are not compatible with the mineral-based refrigerant oils used in an R-12 refrigerant system.

R-134a refrigerant system service ports, service tool couplers and refrigerant dispensing bottles have all been designed with unique fittings to ensure that an R-134a refrigerant system is not accidentally contaminated with the wrong refrigerant (R-12). There are also labels posted in the engine compartment of the vehicle and on the A/C compressor to identify that the A/C system is equipped with R-134a refrigerant.



    Standard Procedure
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