Dodge Journey: Installation


Ignition Control
Fig. 17: Removing/Installing Ignition Coil

1. Install ignition coil onto spark plug.

Ignition Control
Fig. 18: Removing/Installing Ignition Coil Mounting Bolts

2. Install ignition coil mounting bolt, tighten to 9 N.m (79.5 in. lbs.).

3. Connect ignition coil electrical connectors.

4. Connect negative battery cable, tighten nut to 5 N.m (45 in. lbs.).

5. Install engine cover.


Ignition Control
Fig. 19: Removing/Installing Electrical Connectors And Mounting Bolts At Ignition Coil

1. Align ignition coil with top of spark plug.

2. Twist and push down ignition coil assembly onto spark plug and valve cover. Install mounting bolt (2) and tighten to 7.5 N.m (65 in. lbs.).

3. Connect electrical connector (1) to ignition coil.

4. Install upper intake manifold.

5. Connect negative battery cable.


Ignition Control
Fig. 20: Ignition Coils And Fuel Rail

1. Install ignition coil (1).

Ignition Control
Fig. 21: Ignition Coils

2. Install engine cover studs (1) in the two outside ignition coils on the front of the engine. Install bolts on the other ignition coils.

3. Tighten studs and bolts to 8 N.m (71 in. lbs.).

Ignition Control
Fig. 22: Identifying Coil & Fuel Injector Connectors

4. Connect electrical connector and lock (2).

5. Install intake manifold.

6. Connect negative battery cable and tighten nut to 5 N.m (45 in. lbs.).

7. Install engine cover.

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