Dodge Journey: Fluid, differential

Standard Procedure


Differential and Driveline
Fig. 79: Differential Assembly Fluid Change

The drain plug (2) for the differential assembly is located in the bottom of the differential assembly case, toward the rear of the unit.

The fill plug (3) for the differential assembly is located on the left side of the assembly case.

The correct fill level is to the bottom of the fill plug hole. Be sure the vehicle is on a level surface, or is hoisted in a level manner, in order to obtain the correct fill level.

1. Raise the vehicle on a hoist.

2. Position a drain pan under the differential drain plug.

3. Remove the drain plug and allow the fluid to drain into the pan.

4. Install the drain plug and torque to 35 N.m (26 ft. lbs.).

5. Re-position the drain pan under the differential fill plug.

6. Remove the differential fill plug.

7. Using a suction gun or equivalent, fill the differential assembly with 0.7 L (0.74 Quarts) of Mopar Gear and Axle Lubricant (75W-90).

8. Install the fill plug and torque to 35 N.m (26 ft. lbs.).

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