Dodge Journey: Switch, horn


WARNING: On vehicles equipped with an airbag, refer to Restraint SERVICE INFORMATION article for warnings and cautions before servicing the horn switch.

Horn System
Fig. 3: Removing Horn Switch

1. Disconnect and isolate the battery negative cable.

2. Remove the driver airbag.

3. Disconnect the connector from the clockspring.

4. Remove the three mounting fasteners.

5. Remove the horn switch.


Horn System
Fig. 4: Installing Horn Switch

1. Install the horn switch.

2. Install the three mounting fasteners.

3. Connect the electrical connector to the clockspring.

4. Install the driver airbag.

5. Connect the battery negative cable.

    REMOVAL Fig. 1: Removing / Installing Horns 1. Disconnect and isolate the negative battery cable. 2. Remove the push pin type retainers along the top of the grille assembly and position the g ...

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