Dodge Journey: Monitor, media system


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Fig. 14: Removing / Installing Mounting Fasteners

1. Disconnect and isolate the battery negative cable.

2. Open the video screen to access the mounting fasteners.

3. Remove the mounting fasteners.

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Fig. 15: Removing/Installing Video Monitor Connectors

4. If equipped, disconnect the rear heat control connector (1).

5. Disconnect the video monitor connectors (2) and remove the assembly from the vehicle.

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Fig. 16: Fasteners

6. Remove the fasteners (1) and remove the rear A/C and heater control.


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Fig. 17: Fasteners

1. Install the rear A/C and heater control and the fasteners (1).

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Fig. 18: Removing/Installing Video Monitor Connectors

2. If equipped, connect the rear A/C and heater control connector (1).

3. Connect the video monitor connectors (2).

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Fig. 19: Removing / Installing Mounting Fasteners

4. Install the mounting fasteners.

5. Connect the battery negative cable.

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