Dodge Journey: Removal

Automatic Transmission 41TE
Fig. 10: Identifying Battery Cables

NOTE: If transaxle assembly is being replaced or overhauled (clutch and/or seal replacement), it is necessary to perform the "Quick-Learn" Procedure.

1. Open hood.

2. Disconnect the battery cables (1).

3. Remove the battery hold down bolt and remove the battery (2).

Automatic Transmission 41TE
Fig. 11: Removing/Installing Battery Tray

4. Remove the clips holding harness and ground cable to the battery tray.

5. Remove the battery tray hold down bolts (3) and remove the battery tray (2).

Automatic Transmission 41TE
Fig. 12: Identifying Left Mount Bolts

6. Remove the bolts at left mount (1, 2).

Automatic Transmission 41TE
Fig. 13: Removing/Installing Fluid Level Indicator/Tube Assembly

7. Remove the bolt (2) at the fluid level indicator/tube assembly.

8. Remove fluid level indicator/tube assembly (1). Plug opening to prevent debris from entering transaxle.

Automatic Transmission 41TE
Fig. 14: Identifying Oil Cooler Lines

9. Disconnect oil cooler lines (1) from transaxle using Disconnect Tool 8875A.

Automatic Transmission 41TE
Fig. 15: Identifying Transmission Electrical Connectors

10. Disconnect the electrical connectors at transmission (1, 2, 3, 4 and 5).

Automatic Transmission 41TE
Fig. 16: Identifying Shift Cable At Manual Valve & Cable Bracket

11. Disconnect gear shift cable from manual valve (4) lever and cable bracket (2).

Automatic Transmission 41TE
Fig. 17: Identifying Heater Tube Bolt At Bellhousing

12. Remove the heater tube bolt (1) at the bellhousing.

13. Move the heater tube out of the way to gain access to the bellhousing bolts.

Automatic Transmission 41TE
Fig. 18: Identifying Rear Mount Bracket-To-Transaxle Case Bolts

14. Remove rear mount bracket-to-transaxle case bolts (1).

15. Raise vehicle on hoist.

16. Remove transaxle oil pan and drain fluid into suitable container.

17. Remove front wheel/tire assemblies.

18. Remove left and right halfshaft assemblies.

Automatic Transmission 41TE
Fig. 19: Removing/Installing Crossmember

19. Support engine with a screw jack and transmission with a transmission jack.

20. Remove the bolts at the crossmember (2, 3).

21. Remove the crossmember (1).

Automatic Transmission 41TE
Fig. 20: Removing/Installing Rear Mount Side Bolt

22. Remove the rear mount (1) side bolt (2).

Automatic Transmission 41TE
Fig. 21: Identifying Heater Tube & Ground Cable Bolt At Front Mount

23. Remove the bolt (2) holding the ground cable (1) and the heater tube bracket (3) to the front mount (4).

Automatic Transmission 41TE
Fig. 22: Removing/Installing Front Transmission Mount

24. Remove the bolts (4) at the front mount (2) 25. Remove the front mount (2).

26. Remove the starter motor.

Automatic Transmission 41TE
Fig. 23: Removing/Installing Inspection Cover

27. Remove inspection cover bolts (2, 3).

28. Remove inspection cover (1).

Automatic Transmission 41TE
Fig. 24: Removing/Installing Torque Converter-To-Drive Plate Bolts

29. Remove torque converter-to-drive plate bolts (1).

Automatic Transmission 41TE
Fig. 25: Removing/Installing Left Mount To Block Bolts

30. Lower engine and transmission enough to gain access to the left mount to block bolts.

31. Remove left mount to block bolts (2).

32. Remove left mount.

Automatic Transmission 41TE
Fig. 26: Removing/Installing CKP Sensor

33. Unplug the electrical connector (3) at the CKP sensor (2).

34. Remove the bolt (1) at the CKP sensor.

35. Remove CKP sensor (2).

Automatic Transmission 41TE
Fig. 27: Removing/Installing Bellhousing Upper & Lower Bolts

36. Remove the bellhousing upper (1) and lower bolts (2) from transmission.

37. Remove transaxle assembly from vehicle.

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