Dodge Journey: Mechanism, gearshift


Manual Transmission BG6
Fig. 193: Shift Cables To Shifter

1. Detach gear shift boot from console.

2. Remove the center console assembly.

3. Remove rear power window switch (if equipped) and disconnect harness from console.

4. Remove cables (2) from shift levers (3).

5. Remove the cables (1) from the bracket (5).

Manual Transmission BG6
Fig. 194: Manual Transaxle Shifter

6. Remove the shifter assembly nuts (2) and remove shifter (3) from vehicle.


Manual Transmission BG6
Fig. 195: Manual Transaxle Shifter

1. Install shifter assembly (3), Install and tighten nuts (2) to 7 N.m (61 in. lbs.).

Manual Transmission BG6
Fig. 196: Shift Cables To Shifter

2. Install cables (2) to shifter levers (3) and secure cable to shifter bracket (5).

3. Install center console assembly.

4. Install rear power window switch (if equipped) and fasten harness to console

5. Attach gearshift boot to center console assembly.

6. Verify that shift pattern is aligned properly.

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