Dodge Journey: Body, air cleaner


1. Disconnect negative battery cable.

2.7L DOHC Engine
Fig. 87: Inlet Air Temperature Sensor Electrical Connector

2. Disconnect inlet air temperature sensor electrical connector (3).

3. Disconnect fresh air makeup hose (5) from the air filter box.

4. Loosen the clamp (1) from at the throttle body.

5. Remove the air inlet tube (4) from the throttle body.

2.7L DOHC Engine
Fig. 88: Retainer From Bracket

6. Remove retainer (1) from bracket.

7. Remove the retainer that secures the air scoop to the top of the radiator core support.

8. Pull air cleaner housing (2) straight up off of locating pins.


2.7L DOHC Engine
Fig. 89: Retainer From Bracket

1. Install air filter housing (2) straight down on locating pins.

2. Reposition the bracket and install the retainer (1). Tighten the retainer to 5 N.m (44 in. lbs.).

3. Install the push pin that secures the air scoop to the top of the radiator core support.

2.7L DOHC Engine
Fig. 90: Inlet Air Temperature Sensor Electrical Connector

4. Install throttle body air inlet tube (4) to the throttle body. Tighten the clamp (1).

5. Connect fresh air makeup hose (5) to the air filter housing

6. Connect inlet air temperature sensor harness connector (3).

7. Connect negative battery cable.

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