Dodge Journey: Pod, switch


Instrument Cluster
Fig. 10: Accessory Switch Bank Module

The Accessory Switch Bank Module (ASBM) is located in the center stack area of the instrument panel just below the heater and air conditioner duct and above the radio. This switch is available in multiple configurations, which vary from a single momentary push button switch to as many as six momentary push button switches, depending upon the optional equipment in the vehicle. The pod may include the following switches:

  • Heated Seats (if equipped) (1)
  • Electronic Stability Program Off (2)
  • Hazard Warning (3)
  • Headlamp Leveling (export only) (4)
  • Electrical Inverter On/Off (domestic only) (5)

The switch housing and the push buttons are constructed of molded plastic. Each push button has a smooth finish and is clearly identified with the appropriate text and International Control and Display Symbol icons.

Several of the push buttons feature Light Emitting Diode (LED) units to give the vehicle operator an indication when the function of that switch is currently active.

Four screws secure the switch to the back of the instrument panel center bezel through integral mounting tabs that are molded into each corner of the switch housing. The back of the switch housing has an integral connector receptacle containing terminal pins that connect the switch to the vehicle electrical system through a dedicated take out and connector of the instrument panel wire harness.

Panel lamps dimmer controlled illumination lamps integral to the circuit board within the switch provide back lighting for visibility at night, but these lamps are not serviceable. The individual switches in the ASBM cannot be repaired and are not serviced individually. If any component within the switch pod is ineffective or damaged, the entire switch pod must be replaced.

The Domestic version of the ASBM is as follows:

  • Heated Seat Switches (if equipped) -.
  • ESP Off -.
  • Hazard Switch (all models) -.
  • Electrical Inverter (domestic models).

The Export version of the ASBM will vary from the domestic:

  • Heated Seat Switches (if equipped) -.
  • Hazard Switch (all models) -.
  • Headlamp Leveling Switch (if equipped) -.

Each individual switch is not available for service replacement. If one or more switches are inoperative, the entire ASBM must be replaced. To diagnose the ASBM switches, use a scan tool and the appropriate diagnostic service information.


For information covering details of operation for the individual switches or indicator contained within the instrument panel switch pod, refer to the specific service information covering the system to which that switch or indicator belongs.

  • Heated Seat Switches (if equipped) -.
  • ESP On/Off (domestic models) -.
  • Hazard Switch (all models) -.
  • Electrical Inverter (domestic models)
  • Headlamp Leveling Switch (if equipped) -.


Instrument Cluster
Fig. 11: Instrument Panel Center Bezel

1. Disconnect and isolate the battery negative cable.

2. Remove the instrument panel center bezel. 3. Disconnect the electrical connector from the switch by depressing the lock tab and pulling connector from the ASBM.

4. Remove the four screws (1) to the Accessory Switch Bank Module (ASBM).

5. Remove the ASBM from the instrument panel center bezel.


Instrument Cluster
Fig. 12: Instrument Panel Center Bezel

1. Position the accessory switch bank module (ASBM) in the center bezel and install the four screws (1).

2. Connect the electrical connector to the ASBM. Be sure the lock tab engages securely into the ASBM.

3. Install the instrument panel center bezel.

4. Connect the battery negative cable.

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