Dodge Journey: Removal, Installation


Electronic Control Modules
Fig. 30: Air Inlet Duct

1. Remove air inlet duct (3).

2. Disconnect negative battery cable.

3. Disconnect vacuum hose (1).

4. Remove air filter housing assembly (2).

Electronic Control Modules
Fig. 31: Removing/Installing ECM - 2.0L Diesel

5. Disconnect both ECM (1) electrical connectors.

6. Remove ECM bracket retaining bolts (2) and remove ECM (3).


Electronic Control Modules
Fig. 32: Removing/Installing ECM - 2.0L Diesel

1. Install ECM (3) on mounting bracket. Torque fastener to 10.7N.m (95 lbs. in.).

2. Connect both ECM electrical connectors (1).

Electronic Control Modules
Fig. 33: Air Inlet Duct

3. Install air filter housing assembly (2).

4. Connect vacuum hose (1).

5. Connect negative battery cable.

6. Install air inlet tube (3).

7. Reprogram ECM.

    Description, Operation
    DESCRIPTION Fig. 29: Removing/Installing ECM - 2.0L Diesel The ECM (3) is located in the left side of engine compartment attached to the left inner fender below the air filter housing. OPERAT ...

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    DESCRIPTION The AWD ECM (electronic control module) mounts on the driver side cowl side panel, where it is concealed by the instrument panel. It communicates with other systems over the high-speed ...

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