Two latches must be released to open the hood.

1. Pull the hood release lever located under the left side of the instrument panel.

Hood Release
Hood Release

2. Outside of the vehicle, locate the safety latch lever near the center of the grille between the grille and hood opening. Push the safety latch lever to the right and then raise the hood.

Underhood Safety Latch
Underhood Safety Latch

Use the hood prop rod to secure the hood in the open position. Place the upper end of the prop rod in the hole on the underside of the hood.

Hood Prop Rod
Hood Prop Rod

To prevent possible damage: • Before closing hood, make sure the hood prop rod is fully seated into its storage retaining clips.

• Do not slam the hood to close it. Use a firm downward push at the center front edge of the hood to ensure that both latches engage. Never drive your vehicle unless the hood is fully closed, with both latches engaged.

Be sure the hood is fully latched before driving your vehicle. If the hood is not fully latched, it could open when the vehicle is in motion and block your vision.

Failure to follow this warning could result in serious injury or death.

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