This system uses the Remote Keyless Entry (RKE) transmitter to start the engine conveniently from outside the vehicle while still maintaining security. The system has a range of approximately 300 ft (91 m).

NOTE: The vehicle must be equipped with an automatic transmission to be equipped with Remote Start.

How To Use Remote Start

All of the following conditions must be met before the engine will remote start: • Shift lever in PARK.

• Doors closed.

• Hood closed.

• Liftgate closed.

• HAZARD switch off.

• BRAKE switch inactive (brake pedal not pressed).

• Ignition key removed from ignition switch.

• Battery at an acceptable charge level.

• RKE PANIC button not pressed.

• Do not start or run an engine in a closed garage or confined area. Exhaust gas contains Carbon Monoxide (CO) which is odorless and colorless. Carbon Monoxide is poisonous and can cause serious injury or death when inhaled.

• Keep Remote Keyless Entry (RKE) transmitters away from children. Operation of the Remote Start System, windows, door locks or other controls could cause serious injury or death.

To Enter Remote Start Mode

buttonPress and release the REMOTE START
on the RKE transmitter twice within five seconds.

The vehicle doors will lock, parking lights will flash and horn will chirp twice (if programmed). Then, the engine will start and the vehicle will remain in the Remote Start mode for a 15-minute cycle.

• The park lamps will turn on and remain on during Remote Start mode.

• For security, power window and power sunroof operation (if equipped) are disabled when the vehicle is in the Remote Start mode.

• The engine can be started two consecutive times (two 15-minute cycles) with the RKE transmitter. However, the ignition switch must be cycled to the ON position before you can repeat the start sequence for a third cycle.

To Exit Remote Start Mode without Driving the Vehicle

Allow the engine to run for the entire 15-minute cycle.

To Exit Remote Start Mode and Drive the Vehicle

Before the end of the 15-minute cycle, press and release the UNLOCK button on the RKE transmitter to unlock the doors and disarm the Vehicle Security Alarm (if equipped). Then, insert the Key Fob into the ignition switch and turn the switch to the ON position.

NOTE: The ignition switch must be in the ON position in order to drive the vehicle.

To Turn Off the Engine While in Remote Start Mode

Press and release the REMOTE START button one time.

NOTE: To avoid unintentional shut downs, the system will disable the one time press of the REMOTE START button for two seconds after receiving a valid Remote Start request.

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