Dodge Journey: Synchronizer


Place synchronizer in a clean shop towel and wrap. Press on inner hub. Carefully open up shop towel and remove springs, balls, keys, hub, and sleeve.


Do not attempt to clean the blocking rings in solvent. The friction material will become contaminated. Place synchronizer components in a suitable holder and clean and air dry.


Proper inspection of components involve:

  • Teeth, for wear, scuffed, nicked, burred, or broken teeth
  • Keys, for wear or distortion
  • Balls and springs, for distortion, cracks, or wear

If any of these conditions exist in these components, replace as necessary.


Manual Transmission BG6
Fig. 251: Synchronizer Assembly

  1. - SLEEVE
  2. - BALL
  3. - KEY
  4. - SPRING
  5. - HUB

1. Position synchronizer hub (5) onto a suitable holding fixture (input shaft). The synchronizer hubs (5) are directional. The hubs must be installed with the U facing upward.

2. Install springs (4) into hub slot.

Manual Transmission BG6
Fig. 252: Inserting Synchronizer Balls Into Keys

  2. - HUB
  3. - KEY
  4. - BALL

3. Insert key (3) into hub (2) and spring.

4. Apply petroleum jelly to the hole in the key. Insert balls (4) into each key.

Manual Transmission BG6
Fig. 253: Identifying Synchronizer Sleeve, Input Shaft, & Key

  1. - SLEEVE
  3. - KEY

5. Slide sleeve (1) over the hub and depress balls as you carefully slip the sleeve into position .

Manual Transmission BG6
Fig. 254: Centering Synchronizer Keys & Balls By Pushing On Both Stop Rings

  1. - SNAP RING
  2. - CLUTCH
  3. - KEY
  4. - BALL
  5. - SPRING

6. Line up stop ring tang over the keys in the hub, install stop rings, center the keys (3) and balls (4) by pushing on both stop rings.


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