Dodge Journey: Cable, gearshift control


Manual Transmission BG6
Fig. 161: Shift Cables & Bracket

1. Remove the shifter.

2. Raise hood.

3. Remove the resonator.

4. Remove engine cover.

5. Remove air cleaner assembly.

6. Disconnect negative battery cable.

7. Disconnect cables (1) from the shift levers at the transaxle.

CAUTION: Pry up with equal force on both sides of shifter cable isolator bushings to avoid damaging cable isolator bushings or damaging levers.

Manual Transmission BG6
Fig. 162: Shift Cables To Shifter

8. Remove cable retaining clips and remove cables (1) from bracket (5).

9. Remove cables at shifter.

10. Remove the Occupant Restraint Controller (ORC).

11. Remove rubber grommet (4) at floor pan.

12. Remove cable assembly (1) from vehicle.


Manual Transmission BG6
Fig. 163: Shift Cables & Bracket

CAUTION: Gearshift cable bushings must not be lubricated or the bushings will swell and split.

1. Install cable assembly through floor pan opening until grommet is seated.

2. Route transaxle end of cable assembly into engine compartment and over transaxle assembly.

3. Connect cables (1) to the shift levers (3) at the transaxle.

Manual Transmission BG6
Fig. 164: Shift Cables To Shifter

4. Install gearshift cables to mounting bracket (5) and fasten with NEW clips (2). Make sure clips are installed flush to bracket.

5. Install cables (2) to shifter levers (3).

6. Install ORC.

7. Install the air cleaner assembly.

8. Connect battery cables.


Manual Transmission BG6
Fig. 165: Shift Adjustment

Increase the (4) distance to eliminate 2nd gear downshift blocking condition (3-2, or 4-2 blocking).

NOTE: Must verify reverse shift after adjusting.

Decrease the distance if shifter can not engage reverse.

1. Loosen select lever bracket bolts (2).

2. Adjust gage length fore/aft by pivoting bracket and securing. Torque to 21.4 +/- 5.2 N.m.

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