Dodge Journey: Removal

1. Remove the engine appearance cover.

Front Suspension
Fig. 82: Cowl Top Screen

2. Remove the two push-pins (1) securing the cowl top screen at the ends. Remove the remaining push-pins (2). Remove the cowl top screen (3).

3. Remove the wiper arms.

Front Suspension
Fig. 83: Cowl Screen

4. Remove the push-pins (1) securing the cowl screen to the wheelhouse brace and cowl. Rotate the screw (2) in the center of the cowl screen 90º clockwise to release the screen. Remove the cowl screen (3).

5. Raise and support the vehicle.

Front Suspension

6. Remove the wheel mounting nuts (3), then the tire and wheel assembly (1).

NOTE: If both strut assemblies are to be removed, mark the strut assemblies right or left and keep the parts separated to avoid mix-up. Not all parts of the strut assembly are interchangeable side-to-side.

Front Suspension
Fig. 85: Brake Hose Mounting To Strut

7. Remove the screw (1) securing the flex hose (2) routing bracket to the strut (6).

Front Suspension
Fig. 86: Strut Mounting To Knuckle

8. While holding the stabilizer bar link (1) stud stationary, remove the nut (4) securing the link to the strut (3).

CAUTION: The strut assembly-to-knuckle attaching bolts (5) are serrated and must not be turned during removal. Hold the bolts stationary in the knuckle while removing the nuts, then tap the bolts out using a pin punch.

9. While holding the bolt heads stationary, remove the two nuts (2) from the bolts (5) attaching the strut (3) to the knuckle (6).

10. Remove the two bolts (5) attaching the strut (3) to the knuckle (6) using a pin punch.

11. Lower the vehicle just enough to open the hood without allowing the tires to touch the floor.

Front Suspension
Fig. 87: Strut Upper Mounting Nuts

12. Remove the three nuts (1) attaching the strut assembly (2) upper mount to the strut tower.

13. Remove the strut assembly (2) from the vehicle.

14. For disassembly.

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