Dodge Journey: Removal

NOTE: Before proceeding, review all Warnings and Cautions.

1. Raise and support the vehicle.

Front Suspension

2. Remove the wheel mounting nuts (3), then the tire and wheel assembly (1).

Front Suspension
Fig. 40: View Of Hub Nut & Axle Shaft

3. While a helper applies the brakes to keep the hub from rotating, remove the hub nut (1) from the axle half shaft (2).

4. Access and remove the front brake rotor.

Front Suspension
Fig. 41: Wheel Speed Sensor Routing & Brake Flex Hose Bracket

5. Remove the routing clip (1) securing wheel speed sensor cable to the knuckle (5).

Front Suspension
Fig. 42: Front Wheel Speed Sensor

6. Remove the screw (1) fastening the wheel speed sensor head (2) to the knuckle (3). Pull the sensor head out of the knuckle.

Front Suspension
Fig. 43: Front Knuckle Mounting

7. Remove the nut (3) attaching the outer tie rod (6) to the knuckle (2). To do this it might be necessary to hold the tie rod end stud with a wrench while loosening and removing the nut with a standard wrench or crowfoot wrench.

Front Suspension
Fig. 44: Using 9360 On Tie Rod End

8. Release the outer tie rod end (1) from the knuckle (3) using Remover (2), Special Tool 9360.

9. Remove the outer tie rod from the knuckle.

Front Suspension
Fig. 45: Front Knuckle Mounting

10. Remove the nut (4) attaching the lower ball joint to the lower control arm (5).

Front Suspension
Fig. 46: Using 9360 On Lower Ball Joint

11. Release the lower ball joint (3) from the lower control arm (1) using Remover (2), Special Tool 9360. Do not lift the knuckle out of the lower control arm at this time.

Front Suspension
Fig. 47: Strut Mounting To Knuckle

CAUTION: The strut assembly-to-knuckle attaching bolts (5) are serrated and must not be turned during removal. Proper removal is required. Refer to the following steps for the correct method.

12. While holding the bolt heads stationary, remove the two nuts (2) from the bolts (5) attaching the strut (3) to the knuckle (6).

13. Remove the two bolts (5) attaching the strut (3) to the knuckle (6) using a pin punch.

Front Suspension
Fig. 48: Front Knuckle Mounting

NOTE: Do not allow the half shaft (1) to hang by the inner C/V joint; it must be supported to keep the joint from separating during this operation.

14. Pull the knuckle (2) off the half shaft (1) outer C/V joint splines and remove the knuckle from the vehicle.

Front Suspension
Fig. 49: Shield Mounting

15. If required, remove the three screws (2) fastening the shield (3) to the knuckle (1). Remove the shield.

Front Suspension
Fig. 50: Front Hub And Bearing Mounting

16. If required, remove the four bolts (2) fastening the hub and bearing (1) to the knuckle (3).

17. If required, slide the hub and bearing (1) out of the knuckle.

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