Dodge Journey: Removal

WARNING: Refer to the applicable warnings and cautions for this system before performing the following operation. Failure to follow these instructions may result in serious or fatal injury.

Heating & Air Conditioning
Fig. 285: Rear Housing Flange Seal

1. Disconnect and isolate the negative battery cable.

2. Remove the rear heater-A/C housing and place it on a workbench.

3. Remove the foam seal (2) from the flange (1) located at the bottom of the rear heater-A/C housing (3). If the foam seal is deformed or damaged, it must be replaced.

Heating & Air Conditioning
Fig. 286: Rear Housing Flange

4. Remove the three screws (2) that secure the flange (1) to the bottom of the rear heater-A/C housing (3) and remove the flange.

Heating & Air Conditioning
Fig. 287: Rear Expansion Valve Removal/Installation Bench

5. Remove the two screws (1) that secure the rear expansion valve (3) to the tapping plate located on the end of the rear evaporator tubes (2) and remove the valve.

6. Remove and discard the O-ring seals and install plugs in, or tape over the opened evaporator tubes and expansion valve ports.

Heating & Air Conditioning
Fig. 288: Lower Rear Housing Removal/Installation

7. Remove the wire harness connector (7) from the lower rear heater-A/C housing (6).

8. Open the evaporator tube retaining bracket (3) located on the outboard side of the lower housing.

9. Remove the metal retaining clip (2) that secures the lower housing to the rear heater-A/C housing (4).

10. Remove the five screws (1 and 5) that secure the lower housing the rear heater-A/C housing and carefully remove the lower housing. Rotate and tilt the lower housing as necessary for removal.

Heating & Air Conditioning
Fig. 289: Rear Evaporator Cover Removal/Installation

11. Remove the screw (1) that secures the rear evaporator cover (3) to the outboard side of the rear heater- A/C housing (2) and remove the cover of the housing.

Heating & Air Conditioning
Fig. 290: Rear Evaporator Removal

12. Carefully pull the rear A/C evaporator (4) out the bottom of the rear heater-A/C housing (3). Guide the evaporator tubes (2) past the heater core tubes (1). If the foam seals on the A/C evaporator are deformed or damaged, they must be replaced.

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