Dodge Journey: Description, Operation


Heating & Air Conditioning
Fig. 272: Rear Heater Core Description

The rear heater core (1) is located in the rear heater-A/C housing behind the right interior quarter trim panel.

The rear heater core is a heat exchanger made of rows of tubes and fins (2). The heater core tubes (3) are permanently soldered to the heater core tank and are retained to the outboard side of the rear heater-A/C housing by use of an integral bracket (4) and screw.

The rear heater-A/C housing must be removed from the vehicle to service the rear heater core.


Engine coolant is circulated through heater hoses and tubes to the rear heater core at all times. As the coolant flows through the heater core, heat removed from the engine is transferred to the heater core fins and the air directed through the heater core picks up the heat from the fins. The rear blend-air door allows control of the rear heater output air temperature by controlling the amount of air flowing through or around the rear heater core. The rear blower motor speed controls the volume of air flowing through the rear heater-A/C housing.

The rear heater core cannot be repaired and must be replaced if inoperative, leaking or damaged.

    WARNING: Refer to the applicable warnings and cautions for this system before performing the following operation. Failure to follow these instructions may result in serious or fatal ...

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