Dodge Journey: Removal


Ignition Control
Fig. 45: Locating Knock Sensor

The knock sensor bolts into the side of the cylinder block in front of the starter under the intake manifold.

1. Disconnect and isolate negative battery cable.

Ignition Control
Fig. 46: 2.4L Knock Sensor

2. Disconnect electrical connector (3) from knock sensor (2).

3. Remove bolt (1) and knock sensor (2) from engine block.


Ignition Control
Fig. 47: Water Housing Outlet Tube 2.7L

  1. - Bolts
  2. - Coolant Temp Sensor Connector
  3. - Radiator Upper Hose
  4. - Water Housing Outlet Tube
  5. - Heater Hose
  6. - Retaining Clip

WARNING: Do not remove pressure cap with the system hot and under pressure because serious burns from coolant can occur.

1. Drain cooling system. 2. Disconnect and isolate the negative battery cable.

3. Remove lower intake manifold.

4. Remove radiator upper hose (3) at water housing outlet tube (4).

5. Remove heater hose (5) from water housing outlet tube (4) at rear of engine.

6. Disconnect water housing outlet tube (4) from retaining clip (6) at rear of engine.

7. Disconnect electrical connector (2) from coolant temperature sensor.

8. Remove 4 bolts (1) attaching water housing outlet tube (4) to cylinder heads.

Ignition Control
Fig. 48: Knock Sensor Connector

9. Disconnect electrical connector from knock sensor.

Ignition Control
Fig. 49: Knock Sensor 2.7L

  1. - Stud
  2. - Nut
  3. - Knock Sensor

10. Reposition the water housing outlet tube and remove nut (2) from knock sensor mounting stud (1).

11. Remove knock sensor (3) from engine block.


Ignition Control
Fig. 50: Knock Sensor Connector

1. Disconnect the negative battery cable.

2. Remove the upper intake manifold.

3. Disconnect the electrical connector.

Ignition Control
Fig. 51: Knock Sensor Location

4. Remove the knock sensor .

    2.4L Fig. 52: 2.4L Knock Sensor CAUTION: Always torque knock sensors to the correct torque specification. Over or under tightening effects knock sensor performance. Ensure the electr ...

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