Dodge Journey: Tube, air pump, inlet


The air pump inlet tube is located on the left side of the engine compartment. The tube attaches to the air injection pump using a quick connect style fitting. The other end of the tube connects to the mass air flow sensor using a constant tension clamp.


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Fig. 12: Air Inlet Tube At Mass Air Flow

1. Cut the tie straps (3) being careful not to damage the air inlet tube (4).

2. Remove the constant tension clamp (2) and remove the mass air flow (MAF) sensor (1) from the air inlet tube (4). Position MAF sensor (1) and wiring aside.

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3. Remove air inlet tube (3) by pushing the ends (1) together, while pulling the air inlet tube (3) away from air pump housing connection (2).


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NOTE: The quick connect fitting on the air inlet tube is slotted to fit the air pump housing fitting. Line the slot up when making the connection.

1. Install air inlet tube (3) to air pump housing connection (2). A click noise will indicate a good connection.

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Fig. 15: Air Inlet Tube At Mass Air Flow

2. Install mass air flow (MAF) sensor (1) and constant tension clamp (2) to air inlet tube (4).

3. Position MAF sensor wiring to air inlet tube (4). Install new tie straps (3) securing the MAF sensor wiring to air inlet tube (4).

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