Dodge Journey: Non-monitored circuits

The PCM does not monitor all circuits, systems and conditions that could have malfunctions causing driveability problems. However, problems with these systems may cause the PCM to store diagnostic trouble codes for other systems or components. For example, a fuel pressure problem will not register a fault directly, but could cause a rich/lean condition or misfire. This could cause the PCM to store an oxygen sensor or misfire diagnostic trouble code.

The major non-monitored circuits are listed below along with examples of failures modes that do not directly cause the PCM to set a DTC, but for a system that is monitored.


The fuel pressure regulator controls fuel system pressure. The PCM cannot detect a clogged fuel pump inlet filter, clogged inline fuel filter, or a pinched fuel supply or return line. However, these could result in a rich or lean condition causing the PCM to store an oxygen sensor, fuel system, or misfire diagnostic trouble code.


The PCM cannot detect an inoperative ignition coil, fouled or worn spark plugs, ignition cross firing, or open spark plug cables. The misfire will however, increase the oxygen content in the exhaust, deceiving the PCM in to thinking the fuel system is too lean. Also see misfire detection. There are DTC's that can detect misfire and Ionization shorts in the secondary ignition circuit, refer to POWERTRAIN CONTROL MODULE (PCM) - ELECTRICAL DIAGNOSTICS - 545RE for more information.


The PCM cannot detect uneven, low, or high engine cylinder compression. Low compression lowers O2 content in the exhaust. Leading to fuel system, oxygen sensor, or misfire detection fault.


The PCM cannot detect a plugged, restricted or leaking exhaust system. It may set a EGR (if equipped) or Fuel system or O2S fault.


The PCM cannot determine if a fuel injector is clogged, the needle is sticking or if the wrong injector is installed. However, these could result in a rich or lean condition causing the PCM to store a diagnostic trouble code for either misfire, an oxygen sensor, or the fuel system.


Although the PCM monitors engine exhaust oxygen content when the system is in closed loop, it cannot determine excessive oil consumption.


The PCM cannot detect a clogged or restricted air cleaner inlet or filter element.


The PCM cannot detect leaks or restrictions in the vacuum circuits of vacuum assisted engine control system devices. However, these could cause the PCM to store a MAP sensor diagnostic trouble code and cause a high idle condition.


The PCM cannot determine a poor system ground. However, one or more diagnostic trouble codes may be generated as a result of this condition. The module should be mounted to the body at all times, including when diagnostics are performed.


The PCM may not be able to determine spread or damaged connector pins. However, it might store diagnostic trouble codes as a result of spread connector pins.

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