Dodge Journey: Insulator, engine mount, right


2.7L DOHC Engine
Fig. 243: Belly Pan

1. Remove the belly pan (2).

2.7L DOHC Engine
Fig. 244: Right Engine Mount

2. Lower vehicle. Remove the load on the engine motor mounts by carefully supporting the engine assembly from below.

3. Remove coolant recovery container.

4. Disconnect the ground strap.

5. Remove the right engine support bracket vertical fasteners (1) and (2) and remove support bracket (3).

6. Remove the bolts (5) attaching the right isolator (4) to the frame rail.

7. Remove right isolator (4).


2.7L DOHC Engine
Fig. 245: Right Engine Mount

1. Position right isolator (4) and install the isolator to frame rail bolts (5). Tighten bolts to 55 N.m (40 ft.lbs.).

2. Install the engine support bracket (3) and bolts (1). Tighten bolts to 50 N.m (37 ft. lbs).

3. Install the support bracket to isolator nuts (2) and tighten to 30 N.m (22 ft. lbs).

4. Reconnect the ground strap.

2.7L DOHC Engine
Fig. 246: Belly Pan

5. Raise vehicle on a hoist.

6. Install the belly pan (2).

7. Install coolant recovery container.

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