Dodge Journey: Flexplate


2.7L DOHC Engine
Fig. 198: Flex Plate

1. Remove transmission.

2. Remove flex plate attaching bolts (2).

3. Remove backing plate (3) and flex plate (1).


2.7L DOHC Engine
Fig. 199: FLEX PLATE

1. Position the flex plate (1) with backing plate (3) on the crankshaft.

2. Apply Mopar Lock AND Seal Adhesive to the eight flex plate bolts (2).

3. Install the flex plate bolts (2). Tighten the bolts to 95 N.m (70 ft. lbs.).

4. Install the transaxle.

NOTE: The Cam/Crank Variation Relearn procedure must be performed anytime there has been a repair/replacement made to a powertrain system, for example: flywheel, valvetrain, camshaft and/or crankshaft sensors or components.

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