Dodge Journey: Installation

Differential and Driveline
Fig. 67: Seal Protector


1. Install driveline module to transmission jack. Secure module to jack.

2. Using Seal Protector 9099 (2), load halfshafts to differential, one side at a time. Clean tool and seal area to prevent debris intrusion.

Differential and Driveline
Fig. 68: Support Module With Jack


3. Raise driveline module (1) into position.

Differential and Driveline
Fig. 69: Removing /Installing Propeller Shaft

4. Align marks (4) on propeller shaft rubber coupler (1) to rear axle input flange (5).

5. Install three rear propeller shaft to rear axle retaining bolts (3) but do not tighten at this time.

Differential and Driveline
Fig. 70: RDA To Crossmember Bolts

6. Install the RDA - to - crossmember mounting bolts (1) and tighten to 102 N.m (75 ft. lbs.).

Differential and Driveline
Fig. 71: Rear RDA Module-To-Crossmember Bolt

7. Install the rear RDA - to - crossmember mounting bolt (2) to 102 N.m (75 ft. lbs.)

8. Tighten propeller shaft-to-driveline module bolts to 58 N.m (43 ft.lbs.).

9. Raise exhaust system into position and install hanger/brackets.

10. Fill differential with 0.7L (0.74 Quarts) of Mopar Gear and Axle Lubricant (75W-90).



Differential and Driveline
Fig. 72: Flange Wrench, C-3281

Differential and Driveline
Fig. 73: Installer 8493

Differential and Driveline
Fig. 74: Installer 9231A

Differential and Driveline
Fig. 75: Protector, 9099

Differential and Driveline
Fig. 76: Universal Handle C-4171

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