Dodge Journey: Removal

Differential and Driveline
Fig. 60: Support Module With Jack


NOTE: Rear suspension and drivetrain design require this procedure to be performed on a "drive-on" hoist, as the front and rear suspension needs to be compressed to ride height to facilitate rear halfshaft removal.

1. Make sure transaxle is in Neutral (N) position.

2. Raise vehicle on hoist.

3. Remove exhaust system center hanger (at propeller shaft bearing/support).

4. Disconnect exhaust system at rear-most hanger and lower at least 254 mm (10 in.). Support system with suitable wire or rope.

5. Drain differential lubricant to prevent fluid spillage upon removal.

6. Support driveline module (1) with transmission jack (2) (or equivalent).

Differential and Driveline
Fig. 61: Removing /Installing Propeller Shaft

7. Apply alignment index marks (4) on the rear axle flange (5) and rubber coupler (1).

8. Remove three rear propeller shaft rubber coupler to rear axle input flange retaining bolts (3).

Differential and Driveline
Fig. 62: ECC Electrical Connector

9. Unplug ECC electrical connector.

Differential and Driveline
Fig. 63: Seal Protector


10. Using suitable screwdriver, partially dislodge halfshafts (1) from differential. Install Seal Protector 9099 (2) to protect seal upon disassembly. Clean tool and seal area to prevent debris intrusion.

Differential and Driveline
Fig. 64: RDA To Crossmember Bolts

11. Remove the RDA - to - crossmember mounting bolts (1).

Differential and Driveline
Fig. 65: Rear RDA Module-To-Crossmember Bolt

12. Remove the rear RDA module-to-crossmember bolt (2).

Differential and Driveline
Fig. 66: Secure Propeller Shaft to Exhaust

  3. - STRAP

13. Lower driveline module assembly just enough to facilitate removal of halfshafts from differential. Make sure Seal Protector 9099 engages seal.

14. Disconnect propeller shaft (1) from driveline module and secure to exhaust system (2) or support with jack stand.

CAUTION: Do not allow the propeller shaft to hang from the vehicle unsupported. Damage may occur to the joint, boot, and center bearing from over-angulation.

15. Remove driveline module assembly.

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