Dodge Journey: Description, Operation


WARNING: Due to propeller shaft imbalance concerns, the propeller shaft can only be serviced as an assembly.

AWD models utilize a "three-piece" propeller shaft to transmit torque to the rear driveline module assembly.

This three-piece design consists of:

  • Front center and rear shaft segments
  • Plunging front CV joint.
  • Center support bearings
  • Rubber coupler at driveline module flange

The front shaft segment utilizes a plunging CV joint at the power transfer unit connection. The center and rear shaft segments utilize a support bearing/bracket assembly. The rear shaft segment uses a rubber coupler at the driveline module flange.


The propeller shaft is used to transmit torque from the transaxle power transfer unit (PTU) to the rear driveline module of AWD equipped models.

The propeller shaft front segment utilizes a plunging CV joint at the PTU flange. The joint is flexible, allowing for torsional movement of the powertrain.

The propeller shaft center and rear segments utilize a support bearing/bracket, which support this three-piece assembly and isolates driveline vibrations from the body. The rubber coupler at the driveline module flange dampens out propeller shaft torsional vibrations, as the driveline module it connects to is fastened to the rear suspension crossmember.

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